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It was not to be…

The reason for this delayed post is solely because of the weak battery in the iPhone I inherited from my Dad.  If it hadn’t turned off (or if I had checked it sooner) then this regrettable post would have happened sooner.  The delay in posting is certainly not because I am racked with uncontrollable remorse.

However, it disappoints me to type that I have been unsuccessful in my attempt to be the Conservative Party’s PCC candidate.  Three other candidates will be participating in the open primaries that I blogged about recently.  I will let them (or the party) formally announce who has been successful but I wish them all luck and they have my support; I know how difficult it has been to get to this stage and I have made plenty of guesses about how hard it will be in the run up to November 15 (and beyond).

I am disappointed not to have got beyond this stage.  I was looking forward to the challenge (and excitement) of the primaries.  And I know I could have taken on the role of PCC with passion, understanding and enthusiasm.  However, this is not to be and I look forward to receiving more detailed feedback next week about why the party didn’t consider me suitable.

On the plus side I can throw myself into my role with my new employer that means I will be able to continue my very close working relationship with policing.  I can also avoid a 25% pay cut!

I have a number of people I want to thank because without their support I would not have been able to perform at the level that I have done.  Their confidence in me and acknowledgement about the commitment required of a PCC (and the impact on every aspect of my/our lives) has been incredibly beneficial.  So thanks go to:

  • My friends who going back as far as November last year have offered me support and advice (and have never once said that this was the wrong thing for me to do).  Amongst this group I include Mat, Caroline, Andrew, Leanne, Lily, Simon, Sarah, Judith, James, Mary, Bernard, Dave and Will (who will always be Repo to me).  Sorry to those who I have not explicitly named.
  • Juliet, my very old and now very new colleague who I know will be hugely disappointed for me whilst also being massively relieved.
  • My fabulous wife Annette who has been my greatest advocate, challenger, friend and supporter.  If it weren’t for her backing I would never have considered doing this and would never have got this far.

A final good luck to all the PCC candidates who are left in the race in both Hertfordshire and across England and Wales.  The job of PCC is about improving our already great police service, please make me proud as you do this.


The next hurdle approaches

I have been invited to attend an interview panel this Saturday (16 June) as part of the ongoing selection process to be the Conservative Party’s candidate for PCC. The outcome of the interview stage will identify the candidates who will represent themselves at the Open Primaries that I blogged about recently.

The interview panel consists of three representatives from the county’s Conservative Party associations, the nine county Conservative MPs and the Hertfordshire Area Management officers.

I have 20 minutes to demonstrate why I am an outstanding candidate. To be honest I was hoping for a longer interview session in order to impress upon such a large group of interviewers (many of whom won’t have previously met me) why I will make an excellent PCC. However, I’ll make the very best of the opportunity I have been given.

I will post an update after the interview summarising my self assessment.