I want crime to rise

Yes, you read that right.  I want crime to increase during my period of office.

Now I have your attention let me explain myself.  There are certain types of crime that are under reported.  I want to see these types of crime reported more often.

Let me be clear.  I absolutely want acquisitive and volume crime to decrease.  Working with the Constabulary and partners across the county I will do everything I can to cut crimes such as burglary, shoplifting, vehicle crime, assault and robbery; the types of crime that are both precursors to more serious offences and evidence of other harmful behaviour (for individuals and communities) such as drug abuse.  Crimes such as those listed above are reduced through a proactive police presence and a thorough and successful investigation; activities that make criminal activity highly unattractive because criminals are very likely to be caught and prosecuted.  Reducing these types of crime reduces harm and improves the quality of life of Hertfordshire’s residents.

However I want to see the reports of crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assault and repeated, harassing antisocial behaviour increase.  It is these types of crime that go unreported because the victim has lost faith that the criminal justice system will support and protect them.  As we have seen in rare instances, when such crimes go unreported, or are not investigated fully, the end results can be tragic.

I believe that the role of the Police & Crime Commissioner, the police and partners is to protect the vulnerable.

  • I want victims of these types of crime to have confidence in the system.
  • I want them to be assured that by reporting these types of offences they will are listened to and supported by the police and other agencies.
  • I want victims to know that their bravery in reporting these crimes will lead to a caring, concerned and professional response from all organisations across the criminal justice system.
  • I want victims of these crimes to be assured that their report is fully investigated and that the right action is taken.
  • If the victim does not want to proceed with a prosecution I want them to know that their evidence will be protected and used carefully to develop intelligence that will be used to prevent further crimes.

I believe that with the necessary professional approach and support by all members of the criminal justice system, more victims will have the confidence to come forward and report the crimes that are blighting their lives.  It is the crimes that affect the minority but that can have such a devastating and lasting impact where I want to see crime reports increasing.  If this is achieved the people of Hertfordshire will have the highest confidence that their police force and partners can protect the vulnerable and deliver an outstanding level of service.


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