My intentions

I want to describe what I will do if I elected.  By stating my initial intentions I will make it clear what I propose to do once I am in office.   I will update these intentions over the course of the election and formalise them (and stand by them) if I elected.

Intention 1 – I will work with the County’s people and communities to understand their concerns and support their needs.

I will hold “surgeries” at least once a week across the county so that I can meet with the people and communities affected by crime and disorder.  To make sure that I get the greatest opportunity to meet as many people as possible, as well as holding some meetings during “normal” working hours, I will also schedule sessions for evenings and weekends.

Intention 2 – I will make sure that those affected by crime, both victims and communities, receive clear and timely information from the force.

I will show that justice is effectively delivered as this is essential to reassure people and will show that Hertfordshire Constabulary delivers successful policing.  I will ensure that people are made aware of successful convictions and the associated sentences dispensed, the value of criminal assets seized, the disruption to organised crime groups and understand the results of restorative justice.

Intention 3 – I will champion the needs of those impacted by crime and disorder and ensure that the police and its partners deliver a satisfactory outcome.

It is essential that victims and communities are satisfied with the outcomes delivered by the police, Crown Prosecution Service, the courts and other criminal justice partners.  I will meet with those affected by crime and disorder to make sure that they are dealt with fairly, that through schemes such as restorative justice they have a direct role in the offender’s punishment and rehabilitation and that they are satisfied that the very best has been done to deal with their crime or complaint in the most appropriate way.  I will work with the police to put in place preventative actions to deal with community concerns so that they do not develop into significant issues.

Intention 4 – I will make sure that Hertfordshire Constabulary has a leading role in the county’s crime reduction Partnerships but, more importantly, that all partners contribute fairly.

I will drive forward collaborative partnership working with local government bodies and voluntary organisations across Hertfordshire.  Crime and disorder is influenced by many complex factors that span aspects of society beyond policing (such as education, health care, housing and employment).  It is essential that organisations work together to reduce crime, prevent offenders from reoffending, bring together their customers’ views to identify problems and implement solutions.  This role should not necessarily fall exclusively on the police (as I have experienced previously when working with other forces) and as Commissioner I will be in a position to define other partners responsibilities and fund them accordingly.

Intention 5 – I will ensure that Hertfordshire’s investment in regional and national commitments delivers direct improvements to the county

Hertfordshire Constabulary, like all police forces across England and Wales must give a commitment to regional and national crime prevention and investigation. It is entirely necessary for Hertfordshire’s police to have an input into preventing and solving regional and national problems such as drug and gang crime as such problems directly impact the people of Hertfordshire.  However, this investment of time and resource must reduce crime in Hertfordshire and improve the lives of those who live in the county.  I will ensure that the positive results achieved are clearly linked to the input provided by the force.


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