I want to be Hertfordshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner

On 15 November the residents of Hertfordshire will be voting for the new role of Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC).  I am extremely passionate about this role.  I want to support Hertfordshire Constabulary’s current excellent infrastructure and improve the policing service received by the county’s public.  I have the right values, understanding and ability to deliver the role successfully.

I have submitted my application to the Conservative Party with a view to being their candidate for the elections.  I have made it through two stages to date; the long list selection process and nationally driven interviews with senior Party members.  The next stage is to be selected for short list interviews by local associations.  Those who successfully make it to this interview stage will be informed in early June.

The purpose of this blog is two fold.  First, I want to raise my profile with local Party members so that my presence is known and taken seriously.  Second, I want to use this site to describe the challenges facing Herts’ PCC, set out my beliefs and demonstrate why I will be successful.


4 responses to “I want to be Hertfordshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner

  1. Annette Stratton

    Glad to be by your side through this process

  2. Richard, I haven’t met you, but as a friend of Annette, you have my best wishes in attaining this position. The very best of luck in becoming Hertfordshire’s PCC. Brendon Judd NZ

  3. D. F. King

    What jobs have you done? Are you a Freemason?

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